Coast Connections host Elizabeth Heinz and guest Don Arney, Inventor of the Bambi Bucket sit down to talk about how this big orange bucket became a brand name synonymous with helicopter firefighting not only in British Columbia but worldwide.


A fantastic demonstration of how Don's Bambi Bucket works! Rotorcraft Pro Media Network brings you SEI Industries Ltd. from Heli Expo 2019 in Atlanta, GA.



"An impressive piece of fire-fighting technology!" 

2014 - Bambi Bucket stars in a Canadian Tire Extreme Tire Test Commercial!

This is a Canadian Tire commercial from a few years ago that shows the Bambi Bucket in action! A fun demonstration of how the Bambi Bucket works.


Green Dragon Discovery Channel’s  “Dirty Jobs” 

In this episode, Mike Rowe heads off to the Florida Everglades to help combat invasive species.

Discovery Channel - The Bambi Bucket fights fire at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor in Japan.

Helicopters used Bambi Buckets to pick up thousands of litres of water at a time on runs from the Pacific Ocean to the Fukushima Daichi reactors. 



TV News Interview with Don about the Bambi Bucket.

A news synopsis of the invention, and the inventor, Don Arney.


Hangboard on the discovery channel

“It’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to flying, other than jumping out of a plane,” says Lucas Parker, pro Hangboarder.


Summit of Life Feature with Don Arney

"Success for me, is simply fulfillment."