Fuel Easy

Helicopter transport of fuel to remote sites was a problem Don sought to solve. He pioneered a solution with a product called the Fuel Easy.  This transportable fuel cell replaced the outdated fuel drums used by most operators and provided a non-contaminated source of fuel for all remote operations.


Lightweight, flyable fuel containers made especially for helicopters

The Fuel-Easy makes transporting fuels by helicopter smooth and straightforward.  No matter what the climate or conditions, the Fuel-Easy can deliver fuel anywhere it's needed. 

With its innovative external-frame fabric container, the Fuel-Easy takes much of the risk and guesswork out of fuel hauling.  The Fuel-Easy is fully collapsible and offers operators greatly increased fuel hauling capability, easier fuel handling, reduced cost and wastage and the assurance of clean fuel.  In use on five continents, this lightweight, flyable fuel container is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to fuel drums. 

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