Yak Trak


The Yak Trak is a trailerable off road vehicle used in conjunction with a 4 x 4 pickup truck or SUV (the drive vehicle).  It is intended to fill the present market gap in off road capable vehicles that exists between small units (ATV’s and snowmobiles) and large industrial units such as Snowcats and Tracked Vehicles as are used for oil exploration and by the military.

The Yak Trak is towed to the end of the driveable road or surface. The Tracks are hydraulically folded down from the trailering position onto the ground. The Pickup or SUV is driven onto the Yak Trak using ramps. The Yak Trak trailering wheels are then folded up hydraulically. The drive vehicle is driven in a more or less normal manner. The drive vehicles wheels contact rollers similar to dynamometer rollers that hydraulically drive the tracks of the Yak Trak.  


The Yak Trak is capable of traversing soft snow, mud, sand and other surfaces that would stop a 4 x 4 vehicle. It is capable of carrying a significant number of people and payload. It can be stored and used anywhere due to its ability to be trailered on the highway.

There are many uses for the Yak Trak, including personal access to winter or remote cabins, hunting, wilderness tourism, servicing of remote sites, oil exploration, surveying, crew transport, snow grooming – anything that requires the ability to carry a number of people or a significant payload on terrain that is not accessible by a 4 x 4 and doesn’t justify the purchase of a heavy duty and expensive industrial tracked vehicle.